Testimonials, Opinions, Reviews and Awards

“The software is super easy to use and it does not require complicated accounting skills. Things are so simple that even a baboon could calculate the bananas ate during a year.”
— www.softpedia.com

“This is the greatest software ever! Okay, maybe not the greatest, but it’s going to come in handy. I’ve half-heartedly looked for something like this for some time, but didn’t really find anything that’s suitable. (…) MS Money just… confuses me.”
— www.annelions.com

“I really like how it looks and works.”
— ladynovasplace.blogspot.com

“It is very cool, I liked it alot. (…) looks tailored to prople like me that work at home and works well with hubby’s income.”
— brainstormingdiva.wordpress.com

“VERY easy to use!”
— Name unknown

“I have seen a lot of finance software in my day, because I like to keep things well organized around here, but nothing as user friendly as the latest incarnation on the matter. I am no expert on personal accounting but this program helps me get things organized into a simple manner with colorful displays, charts, pie graphs, and an interesting array of features that remind me more of a good game interface than it does a money management software. (…) This is an easy to use, easy to manage, truly user friendly experience in personal accounting and it’s about time. It doesn’t confuse you whatsoever.”
— sirjorgeofculver.blogspot.com

“The program runs pretty good and after downloading it I found that it was pretty easy to use. I had all my information into the program fairly easy and the program was sure to explain things in terms that would make things easy for even the most clueless people to understand. My grandma could do this it’s so easy and she can’t even turn on a computer.”
— theepiczoneblog.blogspot.com

“Aside from ahumourous, amusing denomination, this piece of software has a major advantage: it’s really uncomplicated, and even the least technical person could find their way through it with a minimum of hassle..”
— llaunje.livejournal.com

“I like this software – it is extremely easy to keep track of your checking account, for example.”
— www.consoleboards.com

“Finally, there is free software that lets even someone like ME, someone who can’t find her way around online software of almost any kind, have a simple, simple way of keeping up with personal accounting. (…) Piggybob is just the thing for those who hate all the complication and hassle of too-detailed accounting systems.”
— denisekincy.wordpress.com

“Piggybob – don’t you just love that name? (…) It looks like it’s easier to use than other programs that I’ve tried such as Microsoft Money. You simply file in the pop up boxes when you want to add an expense or add income and the system keeps track of your finances for you.”
— www.feverishthoughts.com

“It was a quick and easy download and install, and it is VERY simple to use!”
— Donna Leigh, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I really like their calendar function that can be set up to be used for more than financial activities.”
— Becky Perry, Georgia, United States

PiggyBob has a new way to do things that offers basic easy to use screens and graphs. (…) I want a simple checks and balances type of accounting system, and I don’t need a hundred features I’ll never use. (…) I can finally keep track of my finances in a clean, neat piece of software that isn’t cluttered with lots of stuff I won’t use.”
— morethanpocketchange.blogspot.com

“This software is for people to get their personal finances in order and is easy to use even if you’re not a business major!”
— shesfantastic.blogspot.com

“PiggyBob, which is actually very cool. It is super user-friendly and will help you analyze your personal finances.”
— Laurie Kisner, Texas, United States