PiggyBob™ Premium 3 includes all the following features to help you easily track your finances each month:


With just a few clicks from within PiggyBob™, you can view your monthly calendar and add important financials events – pay or invoice due days, automatic deposits, automatic bill payments, monthly fees, AP/AR and more. It’s easy to add reminders and alerts.

Adding Income

This task couldn’t be easier. Just click “Add Income,” complete the required fields for categories/amounts and click “OK.” PiggyBob™ instantly adds the specified amount to your account.

Entering Expenses

Entering expenses against your account is also a breeze in PiggyBob™. It’s essentially the same process as for adding income; just click “Add Expense,” complete the required fields and click “OK.” The expense is instantly deducted and your account total updated.


PiggyBob™ can also generate informative color graphs of your income and expenses each month or each year, whichever you prefer. They can be quite helpful for knowing when and how your money’s coming and going.


PiggyBob™ Premium 3 extends the original PiggyBob™ legacy of affordable, easy-to-use personal and small-business financial software. Users can try its full accounting, scheduling and graphing functionality FREE for 30 days; after that, it’s an affordable $19.95 investment for anyone seeking a simple, value-driven finance software package.