Premium version

How to upgrade from Basics to Premium?

Please backup your piggybob.gdb file away from PiggyBob’s program directory, uninstall Basics version and then install Premium version. Use import utility to import your piggybob.gdb financial data. Note: you cannot import calendar data, only financial.

I can’t run new version of PiggyBob!

Please download following app to clean up PiggyBob old registries. Run it and restart your PC.

How to import PiggyBob Basics data into PiggyBob Premium?

1. Download this utility,
2. place it in PiggyBob’s program folder,
3. run it,
4. open Basic’s .gdb file,
5. click “Import” and save your new .pbd file.


System enters serial number into program directly, you will not receive the serial key.

If progam still opens pop-up asking to enter your key, you haven’t completed activation after placing the order (haven’t clicked confirmation link on order page after order was placed). In this case, try to reissue the key clicking on Customer service button.

If I order Basics, will I be able to upgrade later for Premium?

Yes, but you will have to pay full Premium license fee, $19.95.

It’s because those versions are totally different from each other and upgrade can’t be done in usual way.


Which operating systems PiggyBob support?

All Windows family: 98, Me, 2000, NT, 2003, XP, XP 64 bit edition, Vista.

What computer programs do I need to run the software?

PiggyBob does not require any other software to run, only itself 🙂