PiggyBob™ Premium 3 is based on the original, legendary PiggyBob™, personal finances management solution described by Nakagava Ltd. as the “First Truly User Friendly Personal Finance Software.”

piggybopEssentially, PiggyBob™ delivers users a simple, user-friendly personal accounting system that’s both affordable and compatible with a full spectrum of Windows-based operating systems (Windows XP, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, Me, XP 64-bit edition, and Vista).

PiggyBob™ is one of those rare software packages that are truly easy to use right out of the box – technology so simple even a child could use it. (Or, perhaps, as one of our associates likes to say, “so simple only a child can use it.”) For starters, it records basic debits and credits to your account. It can also graph both your income and spending habits in full color, so your personal situation is all right in front of you, easy to see and review.

With a fully functional calendar and alert system, PiggyBob™ Premium 3 is a perfect tool for small businesses – as well as individuals – who are tired of complicated accounting procedures and just want a simpler system for tracking their finances.

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